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Do you sell vehicles and need a reliable financial partner? You can forget this search, partner up with Primero to start growing your sales!
Hakka partneriks!

We finance more than 50 vehicles per month through car sales partners

10 000

We have financed the purchase of more than 10,000 vehicles

22 800 000

The partners' vehicles have been funded for a total of more than 22.8 million euros

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What are the benefits of our partner?

Hakka partneriks!-Partner comes first

Partner comes first

We review your customers' requests first

Hakka partneriks!-Growing sales numbers

Growing sales numbers

With the help of a reliable financial partner, the sales numbers increase

Hakka partneriks!-Bonuses


Bonuses are waiting for you for the amount of vehicles sold

Become our partner!

We highly value our partners and approach each of them individually. Together we will build a pleasant and beneficial cooperation for both parties.


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